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Rehabilitation of field paths / forest paths – environmentally friendly and cost-saving

You can also rely on our expertise for the rehabilitation of these paths! It pays off!

The path is bumpy, coarse material lies on top, ruts have dug deep, the verges are built up high and overgrown! Such a path damages the tyres, the vehicles, the spines of the drivers and means loss of time for the user! Here the question immediately arises: can a path like this be restored to a very good condition without the use of new material? We say "Yes!"

As with most field and forest paths, the conditions are good. In the area of the verges, there is sufficient thickness of laterally displaced and overgrown path construction material, which will be used again in the roadway by rehabilitating the path!

In the carriageways, water has washed away the fine fraction of the road surface and discharged it laterally. The same happens on horizontal stretches of the path due to the tyres of the vehicles in the standing puddles of water.

The following operations lead to success:

  • 1. Milling the verges
  • 2. Break up the roadway, including the banked area
  • 3. Crush and intensively mix the material with the stone crusher
  • 4. Profile with the grader
  • 5. Compact with the plate compactor or with the trailed roller
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The result after the redevelopment of field paths / forest paths with the PÖMA system

This is the sectional view of a professionally rehabilitated path with the required rounded profile of the roadway and the overgrown lateral depressions for the infiltration of rainwater.

The reactivated path is highly resilient, resistant, the carriageway is level and approx. 1.5 m wider, and is constructed at a low cost due to the omission of new path construction material, taking ecological aspects into account.

Would you like to know more details about "Ecological awareness in path construction"? You will also find the appropriate information on our website → Environmental protection with the PÖMA system.

Service comes first: We always advise you individually and personally. Just give us a call and save costs soon with our smart path construction solutions!

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