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Attachment graders at a glance

The POEMA-Grader was already developed in 1971 and patented protected against imitation. Since that time three types were designed and almost 3,000 pieces were sold inland and abroad.

Longtime owners and users of our devices tell us repeatedly of their high satisfaction, due to the reliability of the PÖMA-devices at objectively recognized economy!

Through the simple handling coupled with the excellent maneuverability a high daily output can be reached by the POEMA-Tractor-Grader! The robust rippers had proofed oneself in an important and reliable additional feature.

Each tractor driver gets through the automatic Grader-function fast to a perfect Grader-driver.

Grader H225 ESP

for Tractors with 3-point hitch cat. II, 50 - 100 kW  

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Grader SK225

for Tractors with 3-point hitch cat. II, 80 - 150 HP

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Grader AG225

for Tractors with 3-point hitch cat. II and III, 120 - 250 HP

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